August 2019

Business Meeting 4th July 2019 25 members were present plus our speaker Colin Jones plus AdrianLasrado’s guest David Read. Chairman Roger Gourd reported that the Committee this morning had considered a report on membership prepared by Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer, and had concluded that the finances ofthe club were insufficient for the club to stay ‘as is’ for more than three orso years. Following further research, a proposal will be put to the club in October to either stay as we are (and run down) or to admit lady members. Other options were considered non-viable. An indicative vote suggested about 1/3 support for admitting ladies. Almoner, Andrew Kellard, reported the absences of Reg Baker (on his feet after a fall a month ago but still unsteady), Roger Davies (self-reliant but housebound), Tony Simpson (now has a carer – housebound unless daughter drags him out), Lionel Downton (finally made contact – very weak), Chris Starkowski (recovering from operation), Brian Thomas […]