River Thames Murders

The 9th September saw us on a river cruise along the Thames with talk on murders solved and unsolved which had been committed in the vicinity of the river. Tales of murder and mayhem included were Jack the Ripper, The Krays dumping ground for bodies, ‘Gods Banker’ Roberto Calvi, The Princes in the Tower and many more. The cruise included afternoon tea, scones, cakes and sandwiches and it turned out to be an afternoon enjoyed by all.

shapeimage_1We were fortunate to see the raising of Tower Bridge. At one time the bridge would be raised over 70 times a week when the Port of London was in its heyday. Now it is raised once or twice a week. The boat going under the bridge is a classic Thames Barge. These sailing barges had keel boards on each side which folded down, enabling the boat to leave shallow rivers and sail out to sea.parliment

inside_boat_2 inside_boat

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