Questionnaire December 2015


Over the past few decades the popularity of purely social interaction has declined, the community spirit which used to characterise United Kingdom society has stagnated, many social clubs (Rotary: Round Table: Lions: Freemasonry: Woman’s Institute: Soroptimist: British Legion: etc, and even the Church of England, and the quintessentially English pub) all report falling membership, or even permanent closure.


Coulsdon ProBus has not been immune from this, and being a movement which by its constitution has an aged membership, particularly suffers from this.

  • Without a reasonable number of members it becomes impossible to run trips / events. Or to obtain concessionary terms for trips / events, thus losing a major benefit of membership.
  • The various charges for holding the monthly meetings / lunches, and other running costs having to be shared amongst this dwindling band of men.
  • The prognosis is not good, unless we take action NOW, there comes a point at which we will reach critical mass / minimum, and a point at which the future of the club becomes unsustainable. [See below for Membership Graph]

I am sure you would wish YOUR CLUB to survive ?
The committee needs your support and suggestions to take measures to alleviate this oncoming situation.


(Please use the comments area below to voice your opinions on the following suggestions)

  1. The four ” Rs ”
    RECOMMEND (Qualified Gentlemen to Us)
    RECRUIT THEM (Promote Website, Advertise)
    REFRESH THEM (Buy them a pint)
    RETAIN THEM (Make them WELCOME – talk to them)
    Increase our membership with younger retired Gentlemen. We now have an Excellent Brochure. Please distribute these locally, this is our sales pitch.
  2. Female Membership?
  3. Amalgamation with another ProBus Club.
  4. Twinning with another Club (Bowls etc)

At this stage a positive attitude must prevail and engender a policy of cohesion.

Whatever solution/s we adopt our primary aim must be to ensure that any subscriptions / fees are maintained at a reasonable and affordable level.

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Andrew Banfield, Chairman, Coulsdon ProBus Club

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