June 2016

    Club News Chairman Adrian Lasrado welcomed members, wives, partners and guests to our May Open Meeting – 48 in all plus our guest speaker. New members Norman Williams and Nigel Paget were formally inducted. £45.87 was collected for the Chairman’s charity and the raffle raised £47. Gerry Thompson will reluctantly take on the […]

May 2016

  Editorial – Ian Payne Daphne and Lily, our pet chickens, rest in peace. Last week we had one of those mini power cuts. It seems to happen all too frequently – there’s a flash, the lights all go out and then on perhaps less than a second later. Some of our clocks reset to […]

April 2016

Club News Andrew Banfield welcomed members (38 present) plus guest Chris Walsh and BLESMA speaker, Frank Garside. A tie was presented to new member Norman Williams. £41.65 was collected for the Chairman’s charity. Our New Banner was revealed and is available for display. Roger Davis was welcomed back but we have since heard that he […]

March 2016

Editorial – Ian Payne Another Probus year has passed. I find the results of our questionnaire somewhat refreshing – see Club News. We don’t want change which means we like what we have, we enjoy our meetings, our lunches and our companionships. And at the moment our total number of 45 is sustainable. But we […]

February 2016

Club News Gerry Thompson chaired the January meeting as Andrew was on holiday up the Amazon. Gerry welcomed our 35 members who were present plus our guest Norman Williams and our speaker. [Norman was introduced by Vincent Fosdike and has become a new member.] The Chairman’s Charity collection raised £38.66 and the raffle £32. Gerry […]

January 2016

A Happy New Year to everyone. Club News At the December meeting our Chairman reported that Treasurer, Roger Davis, is unwell today, but due to his health he will be stepping down after the AGM. We therefore need a new Treasurer. We need a volunteer please with accounting or bookkeeping experience. This is a Committee […]

December 2015

Speakers Today: Chrismas with the Reverend Malcolm Newman January 7th: John Chisholm: Pub Signs February 4th: (our own) Gerrard Thompson: Pewter March 3rd: Chairman’s Charity: Blesma, The Limbless Veterans Club News At the November meeting, there were 36 members present plus our guest speaker. The Chairman’s Charity collection raised £38.84 and the raffle £34. Our Chairman […]

Questionnaire December 2015

NATIONAL TREND. Over the past few decades the popularity of purely social interaction has declined, the community spirit which used to characterise United Kingdom society has stagnated, many social clubs (Rotary: Round Table: Lions: Freemasonry: Woman’s Institute: Soroptimist: British Legion: etc, and even the Church of England, and the quintessentially English pub) all report falling […]

November 2015

Speakers Today: Neil Saddler: Canals December 3rd: Christmas with Reverend Malcolm Newman January 7th: John Chisholm: Pub Signs February 4th: (our own) Gerrard Thompson: Pewter Club News At the October meeting, there were 37 members present (the highest for five months) plus our guest speaker. The Chairman’s Charity collection raised £41.48 (you are allowed to […]