March No.1 2021

Club News There is a vacance for Luncheon Secretary. Please consider volunteering. ‘Men of few words’ by Andrew Kellard Seventy years ago seems like a long time and in some ways it is. Let us look at the technology of 1948 in so far as it relates to my career. In that year there were still four masted fully rigged sailing ships sailing from Liverpool! What has this got to do with my career in accounting? Well, the parallel technology in office work was of course only slightly ahead of the canvas and rope manhandled by the Liverpool “hardcases”. In my case the technology I used at my desk had hardly changed from Dickens time, heavily bound ledger books, reams of ruled paper, probably no expensive mechanical hand cranked calculators (those were only for the boss) and a fountain pen as Biros had not come on the scene so there […]

February No.2 2021

‘You are what you think’ by Vincent Fosdike People often respond to the word Psychology in a defensive manner. At least those who have no knowledge or experience of it. It is a vast field and seems to have grown almost exponentially since the 1960s. Am I allowed to guess that you are now thinking of the words swinging, acid, psychedelic and groovy? You see I can read your mind thanks to my study of the subject! The fear that the discipline engenders gives rise to its own counterculture with words and phrases like, shrink, trick-cyclist and fraudster. Practitioners are sometimes viewed as expensive pedlars of the obvious or in need of help themselves. These same practitioners may find themselves challenged at dinner parties to account for why a guest finds himself experiencing a phobia or a compulsion. He/she then sticks their neck out with a suggestion or two only […]

February No.1 2021

Club News Andrew Kellard (Grumpy) is suffering from neck and lower back pain and needs to relinquish his posts of Almoner and Luncheon Secretary – any volunteers? He’ll still come to meetings. Please email Vincent with articles or news for the Newsletter at ‘Full astern both’ by Vincent Fosdike I do know that some of our membership have had nautical connections and one of our former members served aboard a very distinguished cruiser during the last war as a radio operator. As one who has sailed nothing bigger than a thirty foot sloop in nothing stronger that a force six I have always wondered what it feels like to be on the bridge of one of the august members of our R.N. fleet perhaps in heavy weather. Not that long ago there was a T.V. series showing life on one of our latest aircraft carriers, which on its first […]

January No.2 2021

Club News – Ian Payne Please email Vincent with articles or news for the Newsletter at The website is up to date and Jim Mulvey has added over 700 new photos he’s taken over the past 20 years A Trip to Greece by Ian Payne When our first son was 1 year old we went camping in Brittany. It was a luxury tent already set up – today we’d call it glamping. We liked it, so we bought our own equipment and eventually upgraded to a trailer tent complete with camping beds, kitchen and sink units etc. We went camping on holidays all over Europe – France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary. Two short stories from Hungary: We left the tent near Budapest for a day trip to Lake Sopron but hadn’t reconned on a gale which blew the tent down – a lesson well-learned; Waiting at a […]