COVID Special: November No.2 2020

Club News – Ian Payne Items arising from Committee meeting 5th November 2020 (by Zoom): Some members have not paid their £30 annual subscription due in April. We still need this because we’re continuing to pay room hire at Purley Sports Club (partly to help them keep afloat). Please make your cheque payable to Coulsdon Probus Club and send it to Michael Southwell at 28 Warwick Road, Coulsdon CR5 2EE. Phone Michael on 020 8660 3888 to check if you’ve already paid. Companion members are exempt. Please find attached updated Membership List. Please let me know of any changes. The Committee have agreed updates to the ‘Constitution & Rules’ and the ‘Constitution & Rules Addendum’ (previously ‘Introduction & Explanation Document’). Please let me know if you would like copies. Would you be interested in Business meetings by Zoom? Please let me know if you are able and willing. Similarly, would […]

COVID Special: November No.1 2020

Club News – Ian Payne Alan Green is back home from hospital and recovering well. The Committee is having a Zoom meeting on Thursday 5th November. Please get in touch with me if there is any matter you wish to raise. Tel: 01737 554449 Don’t forget to email any Newsletter items or requests etc. to Wash Day Blues — Vincent Fosdike Us oldies are relentlessly pursued by changing technology “out with the old and in with the new”. Well we have just had to part with our trustee old AEG washing machine when the control panel slowly lost options one by one. There was a remote chance of getting a new panel but no one wanted to fit it for fear that another item might go west immediately. It had been first class for twenty years and never needed attention. We were assured that nothing like it was made now. How right they were! […]

Covid Special: October No. 2 2020

Club News – Ian Payne We’ve received a letter from Alan Green’s daughter, Nicole, to say that her dad is in East Surrey Hospital recovering from an infection which had serious side effects. The family are awaiting test results to establish the cause and for the time being he is being kept in hospital. We send out best wishes to Alan for a speedy recovery and to Janice and Nicole. Alan now at home, very tired and needs some more tests 16/10/20 Don’t forget to email any Newsletter items or requests etc. to Editorial — 50K Each way guv? — Vincent Fosdike So, the schools are back and so are the universities. As we know only too well our revered politicians feel that our economy will collapse if these institutions are not kept at full stretch, awarding top grades to all and sundry. Indeed, grade inflation is obvious to all and the reasons for it show […]

COVID Special: October No.1 2020

In the previous Newsletter, I reported on the 8th September meeting in our Chairman’s garden. Although only ten members attended, all were invited and we were able to count it as our first official meeting since March. Chairman Andrew Jurenko has offered further meetings in his garden, but the numbers are now limited due to the ‘Rule of six’. Please let me or Andrew know if you would like to get together, although this can’t be an official meeting. The Committee will look at ways they can meet (e.g. Zoom) and report to you through the Newsletter. Roger Davis — 9th February 1937 to 10th August 2020 Roger grew up in Finsbury Park and often accompanied his father to Covent Garden Market to supply the family’s greengrocer shop. In the war Roger was evacuated to Bristol where he stayed with cousins. School was not his favourite place but back in London he did enjoy being a member of the scouts, […]