Olympic trip

Another fine summer’s day found us in the Lee Valley enjoying a combined coach and canal boat trip. We boarded the canal boat for a morning cruise whilst being pampered with Danish Pastries and lashings of tea and coffee.

After the cruise our guide, Christine, escorted us to Waltham Abbey, describing on the way the legend of the Waltham Abbey. In 1066 King Harold force marched his army up to Yorkshire to meet an invasion of Vikings led by his brother Tostig and King Harald Hardrada of Norway. Tostig claimed that he should be the king of England. Harold defeated the Viking army at Stamford Bridge, however, his respite was short-lived, news arrived that the other claimant to the throne, William Duke of Normandy, had
landed in Kent.

Another forced march was imposed on Harold’s army as they rushed to the other end of the country to meet William. Harold stopped at Waltham Abbey to pray for success in the forthcoming battle with William. We now know that his prayers were not successful.

We had lunch in one of the many pubs and eating places before heading on to Stratford and the preparations for the 1012 Olympics. Because of the advanced state of the Olympic site we could not get to the viewing platform as we hoped. The coach parking has been moved back by another 500 yards, which would entail considerable walking. Instead, Christine took us on a coach tour around the perimeter of the Olympic site in the comfort of the coach, which gave us an idea of how vast an undertaking the Olympic site and competitors village is.

From the Olympic site we headed for the ExCel centre where seven of the Olympic events are being held. After a coffee break we headed for home.

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