October 2011

PLACE NAMES Coulsdon What do we call the place?  I mean when we speak the name of our lovely village tucked on and under the Surrey North Downs.  A village still?  Part of the Borough of Croydon in Greater London?  Certainly not the latter if we can possibly avoid it. No, I mean how should […]

August 2011

THE COST OF THINGS Yes, we belong to the luckiest generation known to recent history, what with the last serious war being over sixty years ago and economics having a generally-upwards trend all the time; our pensions, while not being the greatest, are at least more certain than those for our children. It’s just the […]

July 2011

THE QUEEN, GOD BLESS HER A toast to be given with pride and thanks. When I heard that Her Majesty was to visit the Republic of Ireland at a time when trouble was brewing again in Belfast, my heart sank and I made sure to pray that it would all pass without republican anger that […]

June 2011

LETS TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER Reg Baker  tells me his ankle is healing well; he is getting round much easier now and indeed he hopes to be present at this meeting. We have missed Roger Davies recently, owing to his wife’s illness, but Lawrence Painting is recovering after his operation, so let’s hope they will […]

May 2011

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Last month’s childhood memory from Tony Simpson, of living before and during World War II in the countryside of Devon, with no water or electricity mains and such, was a revelation to me and no doubt to many of our members of a similar age.  I was luckier. This memory of my childhood […]

May 2005

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE… … and not a drop to drink (said, I think, The Ancient Mariner). If it doesn’t start raining soon, we shall be in the same position. The weather forecasters don’t help, with their joyful faces telling us that “the weather will be bright, hot and sunny for the foreseeable future”, never thinking […]

April 2005

OUR HUNDREDTH Never thought we would make it; indeed, never thought about it at all until this passing milestone was mentioned at our last meeting. What is so special about achieving a hundred of anything anyway? It’s a passing thought that, had humans been born with six digits on each hand instead of five, there […]

March 2005

THE MONARCHY We live in odd times. Some would call them dangerous while others might consider the changes talked about as being long overdue. This Editor comes into the first category, a Royalist to the core. I don’t have to spell it out, but for over a thousand years this country of ours has developed […]

February 2005

OH, I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE No, not at Brighton at this (or any other) time of the year; maybe Cornwall or somewhere else craggy and far from the madding crowd. This note has been brought on by an article in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph, making me remember some things that affect just […]

December 2005

DAMN SILLY THINGS This time of the year causes me – and I am sure many others – to look back, not just over the past year which in my case I am glad to see the back of, but somehow one is reminded of embarrassing moments, of damn silly things, by reading newspapers or […]