September 2012

A SECRET SOCIETY? NO WAY As a male-only Club, our Probus Club would be exceptional if it didn’t include a number of members who are also Freemasons and it is true, a handful of us, including your Editor, are members of both.  I have been a brother in Freemasonry for nearly forty years and can […]

August 2012

OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR Well, we sort of won it after all and it is now finished; the Olympics I mean.  Best of all was that we won over Paris in getting it to London and second best that the French were beaten by TeamGB in their favourite sport of cycling, adding yet another […]

July 2012

ENNISKILLEN    This page may bore the lot of you, but it is something personal that I want to share, brought about by Her Majesty’s visit a week or two ago to my home town in Northern Ireland.    Enniskillen may be a familiar name to those who watch the weather forecast on the BBC: […]

June 2012

QUEEN’S JUBILEE What a wonderful weekend!    With the exception of the wet weather that caused a problem, the last four days thanking HM the Queen for her sixty glorious years of leading our country have been an eye-opener: how can an 86-year-old spend so much time thanking us for thanking her, spending up to […]

May 2012

What Drought? Modern telecommunications are a wondrous thing.  It cannot have been more than a few hours after Government issued the drought emergency, but God read His emails and brought the rain, probably apologising quietly to all concerned that He had forgotten.  He has certainly made up for the lack over the last two years […]

March 2012

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING As usual, after the AGM, we list the Officers for the coming year: Chairman           Ian Payne01737 554 449 Immediate Past ChairmanAndrew Banfield020 8669 0706 Vice-ChairmanVacant Secretary           Dennis Evans01342 836 163 Treasurer           Roger Davis020 8668 4549 Outings/Events          Jim Mulvey01737 555 974 Web-Master          Jim Mulvey01737 555 974 Luncheons          Andrew Kellard01737 554 055 Speakers          Phil […]

March 2012

THE WEATHER As I write, it is warmer than it should be, but the splendid sun we have had in the past few days is hidden under thoroughly uninteresting cloud; only a gentle breeze, though.   But No real rain again! The forecast for the rest of the week is much the same and thank heavens […]

February 2012

HOW WE HAVE CHANGED A few months ago I was listening to a radio discussion with some men saying how life and society has changed in their time, when one of them said “In the earlier part of the last century…” and then went on to offer examples of change.  The point was that he […]

January 2012

SIXTY YEARS AGO Yes, a couple of months ago I mentioned my decision to change my life, but the fact that once again Nigeria is in the news for all the wrong reasons will suffice as an excuse to add a bit of detail to my life. I am not alone in our Probus Club […]

December 2001

Living in Old Coulsdon now We are almost all incomers to Old Coulsdon these days, a fact that is regularly proved when, at the beginning of a lecture on local history I ask ‘Who was born and bred here?’  Out of say 40 people present just a couple of hands will rise and they are […]