July 2018

Newsletter July 2018 Business Meeting, 7th June 2018 Chairman, Ian Payne, welcomed the 34 members present plus our speaker Colin Jones. The Charity Collection raised £63 and the raffle £33. Sadly, Gillian Roberts has passed away following a fall and a broken ancle– our heartfelt condolences to Hugh. The funeral is on Friday 13th July […]

June 2018

50th Anniversary Edition Coulsdon Probus was founded on 4th April 1968 and held its first meeting in the Red Lion Inn on Brighton Road Business Meeting, 3rd May 2018 Chairman, Ian Payne, welcomed the 28 members present plus our speaker Dr. Linda Makepeace. Last month we heard of the sad loss of Phil Munson –some memories […]

May 2018

Business Meeting, 5th April 2018 Our new Chairman, Ian Payne, wecolmed the 29 members present plus our speaker Laurence Fisher. He was also pleased to announce that following the AGM, Roger Gourd volunteered as Vice Chairman and Andrew Jurenko as auditor. Alan Green has resigned as speaker secretary following progressive Parkinsons, however, Andrew Banfield has […]

March 2018

Club News Shortly before our February meeting, we heard the sad news that Harry Cundell (94) had passed away – a celebration of his life is on the back page. In February Dave Garner was welcomed back. Phil Munson has had a pacemaker fitted and is due home soon. Otherwise, no changes for those temporarily […]

February 2018

Club News Last month we reported the loss Douglas Elliott (83) and Roger Brunton (83). Doug’s obituary was in the January issue and Roger’s is on today’s back page. In January we heard the sad news that Harry Cundell (94) has passed away. In January, for a variety of reasons, we had 18 absences: Dave […]

January 2018

a Happy 2018 to all   It is with great sorrow that we have to start our Anniversary Year with the very sad news of the loss of two of our members shortly before Christmas, Douglas Elliott (83) and Roger Brunton (83). Roger was at our December meeting, but Doug had not been able to […]

December 2017

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Club News Attendance at November’s meeting was 28, one of our lowest. We have several members ill – Doug Elliott, David Holmes, Eugene Lightbody, Eric Jenkinson, Tony Simpson, Raymond Stemp and Arthur Trunchion. Some are seriously ill and others recovering. Eric is learning to drive […]

November 2017

Club News At October’s meeting, Chairman, Gerry Thompson, welcomed back Arthur Truncheon and Alan Green. Later in the month we heard that Tony Simpson had a stroke. Fortuntely he was back home within a few days, with his family taking turns to stay to settle him in and welcome the various therapists and assessors and […]

October 2017

Club News At September’s meeting, Chairman, Gerry Thompson, welcomed back Hugh Roberts, David Holmes, Dave Garner, Martin Bergs and Alan Bird who has made a full recovery since his collapse at last month’s meeting. Roger Gourd is in hospital with ulcerated legs, Arthur Trunchion has had a fall and bumped his head and Alan Green […]

September 2017

Club News   During the visiting speaker’s presentation at our August meeting, one of our members, Alan Bird, fell from his chair. A paramedic was called and later an ambulance. Jim was able to speak to Alan’s wife Shirley who told him that Alan came home at 11pm after extensive tests at the hospital. It […]