January No.1 2021

Welcome back to all our members with best wishes for a Happy New Year from Vincent and Ian Teamwork by Tony Simpson After reading the obituary of a sailor who, when working as a diver, was obliged to cut off his fingers in order to save his life, I was reminded of an incident which occurred fifty-five years ago at Bromborough Dock in Merseyside. As assistant to the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Westminster Dredging Company I got all the awkward and tricky jobs – which was tremendous experience. This involved ships and reclamation equipment which required a survey, a quick decision and speedy action. We had a repair and maintenance squad which comprised a collection of remarkable men. To mention a few, the Liverpool Irish mobile crane driver who was adept at loading equipment into dry docks with the back wheels just lifting off the ground. The burners and […]

December No.2 2020

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New year from Vincent and Ian JERSEY by Michael Southwell Jersey conjures up in most of us a picture of tomatoes and sunny beaches perhaps even a bit of England. Many of us can be a bit nostalgic at times and dream of how things were in our youth. The surprising thing is that there are very distinct themes for life for the islanders. Yes there are long golden sandy beaches and a good variety of shops but then as you delve in its history the much darker side of the second world war appears when the island was occupied by the German Army. We tend to think that everyone in the army was pretty unpleasant to the locals but a book on this by John Nettles sets out the real facts in detail. Some of the senior officers did their best to shield […]

December No.1 2020

Club News – Ian Payne Martin Bergs is in Guildford Hospital under treatment for a tumour, CT scan, colonoscopy, piles, dislocated hip, etc. He should be released in a week but will have to attend regular chemo sessions. The good news is that the family are building him a log cabin with all mod cons in that glorious 3-acre garden we all appreciated at Maija’s memorial. The house and garden now belong to his daughter and family so no more responsibilities for Martin – whew. Wishing Martin all the very best from all our members. If you’re not sure whether you have paid this year’s £30 annual subscription, please get in touch with Michael Southwell on 020 8660 3888. Companion members are exempt. Please email Vincent with articles or news for the Newsletter at vincent@fosdike.com A Weekend on the river by Norman Williams When some friends of ours enthused about […]

COVID Special: November No.2 2020

Club News – Ian Payne Items arising from Committee meeting 5th November 2020 (by Zoom): Some members have not paid their £30 annual subscription due in April. We still need this because we’re continuing to pay room hire at Purley Sports Club (partly to help them keep afloat). Please make your cheque payable to Coulsdon Probus Club and send it to Michael Southwell at 28 Warwick Road, Coulsdon CR5 2EE. Phone Michael on 020 8660 3888 to check if you’ve already paid. Companion members are exempt. Please find attached updated Membership List. Please let me know of any changes. The Committee have agreed updates to the ‘Constitution & Rules’ and the ‘Constitution & Rules Addendum’ (previously ‘Introduction & Explanation Document’). Please let me know if you would like copies. Would you be interested in Business meetings by Zoom? Please let me know if you are able and willing. Similarly, would […]