November 2013

WEATHER     “How beautifully blue the sky, the glass is rising very high”, as W S Gilbert wrote to Sir Arthur Sullivan’s music well over a hundred years ago, that is if my memory still serves some sixty years since I took part in several of their operettas.     I introduce this page with […]

July 2013

PAPERWORK? UGHHHH! Yes, I suppose I am adding to it with my monthly Newsletter: another tree bites the dust; more money to be spent at the local stationery shop, but I look around me in my home office and wonder what on earth it is all about. There are six filing drawers just about full […]

June 2013

ELIZABETH II, BY THE GRACE OF GOD QUEEN I cannot help it, I have again been caught up in the Diamond Wedding ceremonies commemorating Her Majesty’s reign.  On Sunday last I turned my TV on at 10 a.m. to the BBC Parliament channel (I would never watch that rubbish usually) to sample the copy of […]

May 2013

ICARS What would we do without our cars?  This Sunday morning, when I pulled back my bedroom curtains, there were twenty-three cars belonging to the eight houses immediately surrounding mine in Bradmore Way, all belonging to the house owners and recognisable as such: no visitors included. How things have changed in my lifetime.  I recall […]