November 2013

WEATHER     “How beautifully blue the sky, the glass is rising very high”, as W S Gilbert wrote to Sir Arthur Sullivan’s music well over a hundred years ago, that is if my memory still serves some sixty years since I took part in several of their operettas.     I introduce this page with the above for two reasons: first to boast that I can still remember some things from the past and secondly because as I type this on Monday morning the sun really is shining from a clear sky, though by the time this evening comes, when I shall be at the Coulsdon Debating Society monthly meeting the forecast is for heavy, wet stuff on a strong wind, so back to what is becoming normal in this season.     We really are getting fierce weather for this part of the world, something to do with the high […]

July 2013

PAPERWORK? UGHHHH! Yes, I suppose I am adding to it with my monthly Newsletter: another tree bites the dust; more money to be spent at the local stationery shop, but I look around me in my home office and wonder what on earth it is all about. There are six filing drawers just about full of bumf, several feet high of files, six 3ft shelves of publications, mostly local history publications from the Bourne Society, three inches high of un-filed or un-chucked pages of stuff on my desk plus another two inches high pile of letters i have received from my brother over the years – far too full of family history to chuck out. Plus, plus, plus so many more odd bits that should be either filed or chucked out but which I never get around to putting in the paper waste collection. There must be several thousand photographs, […]

June 2013

ELIZABETH II, BY THE GRACE OF GOD QUEEN I cannot help it, I have again been caught up in the Diamond Wedding ceremonies commemorating Her Majesty’s reign.  On Sunday last I turned my TV on at 10 a.m. to the BBC Parliament channel (I would never watch that rubbish usually) to sample the copy of the original TV BBC film of the Coronation.  Well, ‘sample’ was intended but in the end I watched it for several hours, for it was in real time with no shortcuts, when I should have been getting on with this Newsletter, or gardening or hovering the house. What it all brought back to me was thought about the British way of governing the country.  Here we are after sixty years of rule by a Queen whose ability to put right her dozen-or-so Prime Ministers shows up the impossibility of having a new ruler every four […]

May 2013

ICARS What would we do without our cars?  This Sunday morning, when I pulled back my bedroom curtains, there were twenty-three cars belonging to the eight houses immediately surrounding mine in Bradmore Way, all belonging to the house owners and recognisable as such: no visitors included. How things have changed in my lifetime.  I recall meeting a lady who was born in 1932 just round the corner from here and she told me that there was a total of just two cars in the whole of Bradmore Way, though the road was then missing some dozen houses that were built after World War Two.  Just a couple of cars serving some hundred houses! Six of the eight houses I counted on Sunday have families with grown-up children in them, which accounted for the multiple ownership, but still…  One house, with four cars, belongs to a chap who rebuilds MGs as […]