April 2019

Business Meeting 7th March 2019

Members absences as far as notification was received by our almoner (Andrew Kellard) are as follows: Roger Davis (chest infection) Trevor Peck (hospital appointment) Tony Simpson (unable to attend), Brian Blakeney (may no longer be able to attend), Derek Bass (eyesight problems). Notice of cancellations were received in good time thus depriving “Grumpy” of one of his more enjoyable opportunities to have a go at the membership, (better luck next time)! There were 26 people in attendance and the charity collection was £60.50. Members were reminded of the Open meeting on the 2nd of May.

Reports to the Annual General Meeting

Treasurer: The Treasurer’s report was presented and copies of the club’s Receipts and Payments Account to year ended 31st January 2019. Attention was drawn to the need to find a replacement auditor for next year.

Chairman: The Chairman reported that the £2 increase in the suggested donation and the Quiz surplus had enabled our charity collection to reach £1000. Ian then reviewed a number of events which had taken place during the year such as the Celebration Dinner with the Mayor, the Old Coulson Fair, the Six hundredth meeting, the Chateaux Lunch and the Quiz night. The guest speakers and subjects were recalled to mind.

Sadly the problem of falling membership needed reference and we are all encouraged to keep this in mind when we meet others who may be interested. Thanks were given to all the officers for their work during the year and of course best wishes to those who have kindly offered to stand for 2019.

Officers Reports

Dennis Evans reported that the average attendance is probably about 30 per meeting although this may not be exact and may be regarded as quite satisfactory. Reg Baker said that he had nothing to report as the situation had not changed since the last report. Jim Mulvey confirmed that the web site is up to date. Andrew Kellard Only wished to remind members that cancellation of lunches should be done not later than the previous Tuesday.



As you know I have written items for our Newsletter and may well continue to do so but I really want to receive as many items as possible from everyone. Many of these excellent items are memories which appeal greatly to us all particularly when they resonate with our own life experiences.

Could I now encourage the creative writers amongst us? You may only realise you are a creative writer if you have a go at a short story, say about 1500 words on anything you like, perhaps current affairs or the arts sciences, T.V. and radio programs or just daily occurrences. I leave it to you in eager expectation of fresh material. I may allow myself to put up a provocative topic for response or just a “Letter to the Editor”.

Would anyone like to write a few words on “why you don’t like taking advice”?

Annual General Meeting Election of Officers

The following members were elected to the offices as shown:
Roger Gourd (Chairman), Andrew Jurenko (Vice Chairman), Ian Payne (Secretary), Michael Southwell (Treasurer), Bob Witham (Speakers Secretary, Andrew Banfield (Outings Secretary), Andrew Kellard (Almoner), Reg Baker (Membership), Alan Green and Malcom Guest, Ithink might be called in parliamentary parlance “ministers without portfolio”.

Two non-committee persons were elected to office: Jim Mulvey (Webmaster) and Vincent Fosdike (Editor Newsletter).

Once again it was mentioned that Andrew Kellard wants to pass on the work of Luncheon secretary which he now generously carries on in the absence of anyone willing to relieve him, HELP PLEASE!

Roger Gourd was duly elected as our new Chairman and “enchained”: Ihope this is a happy choice of words! Following which he made a brief acceptance speech thanking Ian Payne for his previous year’s work and in return receiving Ian’s best wishes in his future role.

The new Chairman’s Charity was named as the Macmillan Cancer Support.

The AGM was then closed and we are all reminded that the next meeting is on the 4th April 2019 with the committee meeting occurring at 10.30 that morning.

Outings and Events

Sanderstead & R: Medway River Trip: 16th May: £39.50 p.p. inc lunch. Please ask for details.
Ladies Lunch: Thursday 17th October, Coulsdon Manor.


Today – Mark & Pam Bathurst: History & Restoration of the MEDWAY QUEEN
May 2nd – Katie Rose: The Air Ambulance – Kent/Surrey/Sussex
June 6th – Neil Saddler: A Policeman’s Lot – The beat goes on
July 4th – Colin Jones: “This may kill you!”

Tony Sales and Iris Holah of Old Coulson Centre for the Retired

As we know the running of our branch of Probus requires a considerable input from the membership of which just paying the membership fees is the least onerous. At this time of year we have to find officers prepared to give a lot of time to sustaining our activities and indeed our future.

Well we have now learned from Tony Sales just what the next level of community activity involves. It is a very different world. To organise an enterprise that is open to members and non-members five days a week seven hours per day is a very serious undertaking, and to be still going strong after thirty three years shows a highly professional attitude on behalf of all the company’s officers and of course the sixty volunteers who support the enterprise.

As you may guess the assets and liabilities are substantial and led to the formation of the current Private Ltd Company in 2012. Previously it was run by trustees.

The company documents its objectives as “Providing facilities, socialwelfare and recreation as appropriate to the conditions of life of those attending.” In practice this encompasses things such as lunch, entertainments, films, bingo, singing, craft activities and trips. Parties can be held there and the level of participation in all activities is entirely up to the individual. Groups such as veterans’ organisations and residents’associations can hire the facility.

The actual building was built by the centre at its own expense but is situated on Croydon Council land and in the event of the company being wound up would revert to the Council. The Council take a close interest in the Centre and makes a degree of funding available subject to regular monitoring of itsactivities which involves submitting daily records and a twice yearly “clientsurvey”. Currently the building is leased to the centre on a twenty five year reversionary lease which must allow a degree of long term planning giving opportunities for developments which might be envied buy some organisations. However it also requires continuity of management. We tend to forget that the documentation and practical administration of a private limited company involves having written policies and records for all its activities coveringthe physical social legal and financial aspects and other “secretarial” work. Many thanks are due to those who may well be seen as unsung heroes.

As always finance underpins all our lives and in this case the centre has been fortunate to receive donations and bequests which help to balance the books. Over five thousand visits are made per year and three thousand meals provided.

I am sure our Chairman’s charity award of one thousand pounds to the Old Coulson Retirement Centre is heartily approved by us all.

Many thanks to Tony and Iris for attending as our guests and giving a valuable insight into the work of the Centre.

Presentation of last year’s Chairman’s charity cheque to Tony Sales and Iris Holah of Old Coulson Centre for the Retired
Roger about to be “enchained” for his forthcoming year of service as our Chairman

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