April 2014


We are all grateful to Reg Baker for stepping up to take the chair this past year and delighted in his success and that the Tchaikovsky gala on which he worked so hard is finally secure (see ‘Outing and Events’ overleaf). We welcome our new chairman,  Gerry Thomson– see back page.

Thanks also to Reg for proposing a series of reminiscences for the back page. The first instalment will be next month. In the meantime I’m sure you all have a back page in you – your contributions will be welcome.

During road closures at Purley due to the flooding, we all got used to avoiding the Old Lodge Lane and Hartley rat-runs which had become choked. Conversely, these and the route across Coulsdon Common became rat-runs for Purley and Kenley residents to escape via Marlpit Lane. So Marlpit Lane was back to the good old days before the bypass with queuing back up to the TA Centre. What a relief then, when they re-opened the A22 and Marlpit Lane traffic got back to normal.

A few days later, however, on Saturday (22nd March) an accident and fuel spillage closed the by-pass at 6.30am and chaos ensued. The Brighton Road was immediately choked with traffic from Purley through Coulsdon to the southern roundabout. Suddenly we remembered that this had been the permanent situation when Coulsdon had a never ending stream of slow moving traffic. Thank heavens for the by-pass – it opened about 2pm.

Residents have continued to argue over the traffic impact of the new developments on Cane Hill and Lion Green Road. Marlpit Lane roundabout will struggle with the new Cane Hill access and the tailback from Lion Green Road which have not been properly modelled by the developers. How refreshing then to have the support of Croydon Council who have promised to pay for a new access from Cane Hill on to the by-pass where the footpath crosses about 100 metres south of the station. Unfortunately, Transport for London is still saying it isn’t necessary.

Our outgoing Chairman’s charity is the Sutton & Croydon MS Centre to tell us about MS and the support provided by our own MS centre. Brenda thanked Reg for supporting the centre which relies entirely on fundraising and needs to raise about £7,500 per month.

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating neurological disease which attacks the myelin coating protecting the nerve fibres leaving lesions (scars). Messages along the nerve fibres are then unable to get through. Lesions in the cerebellum affect balance and in the front cortex, memory. About one in six hundred people in the UK are affected with an onset age of 20 to 40. The severity and outcome varies for different people.

Brenda told us about the centre’s lifestyle classes which are differentiated by neurological condition. For the more ambulant there are floor exercises while those who are wheelchair bound use a standing frame or some other of the diverse equipment the centre offers. The aim is to promote half an hour out of the wheelchair each week. Exercise assists the diaphragm and promotes better posture and breathing. This and physiotherapy can open up new nerve routes and reduce spasms. Working on the limbs enables re-learning of their use. There is no cure for MS but the centre’s support enables sufferers to keep active for longer.

The centre which is fully accessible opened in 1995 and provides advice and information in addition to its support services. There is a regular members’ newsletter. Supporting the centre makes a real difference to people’s lives. If you would like to know more about the centre, how to support its fundraising or to make a donation, please make contact at office@ms-therapy-centre.org.uk, tel: 020 8660 1181 or visit their website www.surrey-ms.org.

The Coulsdon MS Centre has been the Chairman’s Charity this last year and Reg Baker was delighted to present a cheque to Centre Manager, Brenda on behalf of Coulsdon Probus for £750.


Today:Harry the Wheelbarrow Man by Harry Townsend

May 1st:Pamela Goodall: Cycling around the world

Annual Open Meeting – Partners welcome

June 5th:Dr Ron Cox: How the railways altered Britain

July 3rd:Bob Ogley: Biggin on the bump

August 7th:Talk by a Chelsea Pensioner to commemorate start of WW1

Club News

AGM: March 2014 – see report overleaf including election of new chairman. 33 members present plus speaker and guest Roger Gould who will be invested as a new member in May. £38.09 was collected for the Chairman’s Charity and £32 from the amenity raffle. Please remember to let Andrew Kellard. know if you can’t attend a meeting (01737 554055).

Phil Munson asked for feedback on speakers and volunteers from our members (free lunch). Contact phil.munson@live.co.uk, tel: 07957 176784.

Graham Fox reported that PACE will be operating three days a week due to Croydon grant cuts. We’re losing a driver so please volunteer: 01737 556092. Graham was congratulated on doing the lion’s share of the driving.

Jim Mulvey advised that the web is up to date and has many useful links. Please advise of any good tradesmen: jim@mulvey.uk.net, tel: 01737 555974.

Cheques today please and again at the open meeting in May.

Peter Babler It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Peter on Friday 21st March. We will all want to extend our condolences to Marguerite and family on their sad loss. We will all miss Peter with his contribution to our Club, and his outstanding service to the Old Coulsdon Centre.

Laurie Painting and Arthur Trunchion are unwell (March meeting).

Eugene Lightbody has been looking after his wife. Hope to see him soon.

Please advise news to almoner, hughroberts67@aol.com tel: 01737 202243.

Outings and Events

Wembley Stadium Tour, 9th April. Peter Coombes (Sanderstead Probus*)

Tchaikovsky Gala, 10th May. One ticket left. Coach leaves Tudor Rose 4.30 pm. Concert tickets allotted on the coach. Reg Baker (020 8660 6662).

Cruise Wey/Arun Canal, 20th May. Peter Coombes* (07941 234945).

Ashdown Forest Coach Tour Thursday 12th June: £41. Plus country house tour, lunch/teas. We need more takers. Contact Jim Mulvey (01737 555974).

Old Coulsdon Fair, Saturday 5th July: Support Probus stall. Jim Mulvey

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Thursday 10th July: full.

Ladies Lunch, Thursday 16th October: Diarise

Coulsdon Probus Quiz, Thursday 20th November evening: Diarise

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