July 2013

PAPERWORK? UGHHHH! Yes, I suppose I am adding to it with my monthly Newsletter: another tree bites the dust; more money to be spent at the local stationery shop, but I look around me in my home office and wonder what on earth it is all about. There are six filing drawers just about full […]

June 2013

ELIZABETH II, BY THE GRACE OF GOD QUEEN I cannot help it, I have again been caught up in the Diamond Wedding ceremonies commemorating Her Majesty’s reign.  On Sunday last I turned my TV on at 10 a.m. to the BBC Parliament channel (I would never watch that rubbish usually) to sample the copy of […]

May 2013

ICARS What would we do without our cars?  This Sunday morning, when I pulled back my bedroom curtains, there were twenty-three cars belonging to the eight houses immediately surrounding mine in Bradmore Way, all belonging to the house owners and recognisable as such: no visitors included. How things have changed in my lifetime.  I recall […]

2013 Spring Cruise

On the weekend of the 19th April Coulsdon Probus went on a cruise along the Gloucester Ship Canal. After a dreadful winter and a foul first part of April we were a little apprehensive regarding the weather for our cruise, but the clouds parted and we had the whole weekend in glorious sunshine. On Friday […]

April 2013

THE MISSING MEDAL By Roger Brunton Some of my wife’s ancestors were wealthy enough to live in a large house with its own private chapel in the parish church.  No such luck for my lot, but there is an ancestral portrait in possession of my cousin’s son who is the latest in the line bearing […]

February 2013

LOCAL HISTORY The back page of this month’s Newsletter has a version of national history as understood by Jim Mulvey and I am happy to print it, not because I agree with Jim’s version and not because it is national;  I took eleven A-level exams and failed just one:  History.  No, it’s local history that […]

January 2013

A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR __Another year starts, the 86th time for me, though I don’t remember the earliest one or two.  As always it comes immediately after a splendid Christmas, even though it was wet.  What made it so good for me, as always these days I had the pleasure of gathering available […]

December 2012

MORE OF MY OPINIONS ___Each month this page relates opinions held by your Editor and has little to do with our Club.  I apologise to any who are wondering why I should bother you, but they just might get you thinking along the same lines; or they might even cause you to disagree out loud. […]

2012 Ladies Luncheon

Our annual Ladies Luncheon was once again held in the Blenheim suite at Coulsdon Manor Hotel. We have held our premier luncheon at Coulsdon Manor for a few years now, mainly because of the fantastic value for the meals and wonderful ambience of the hotel and the Blenheim Suite. Once again the hotel and staff […]

October 2012

SO, WE’RE OLDER THAN MOST Well, we wouldn’t be Probeans if we weren’t, would we?  Retired to a man, no longer wanted in the office or board room, past it and glad not to have to catch the 7.56 train to Town in the morning; just a little longer in bed listening to the cars […]