PROBUS Ladies Lunch

October 23rd 2003 saw Coulsdon Probus Ladies Lunch. Held at the Coulsdon Manor Hotel, the event was an enormous success, mainly due to the efforts of Reg Baker, our Luncheon Secretary. Reg’s system of different coloured stars and triangle shapes on the place names worked like clockwork, ensuring that the serving staff delivered the correct […]

October 2003

HOBBIES PAST AND PRESENT I suppose I had always assumed that a ‘hobby’ and a ‘hobby horse’ were connected, but in my mind only loosely in the manner of being obsessive about something that mattered to me but to few others. So I looked it up and indeed I was right, one being the subject […]

September 2003

DURING THE WAR A Letter to the Editor In response to my plea last month, Mike Talamo has written the following “Ian Scales’s piece m your August edition about nicknames prompted me to remember that these sobriquets are not necessarily just bestowed by us on our fellow men, but also on inanimate objects such as […]

August 2003

C’MON, WHAT’S YOUR REAL NAME? A couple of months ago there was reference on these pages to loss of detail memory, especially forgetting recent facts and events; no problem with recall in detail of things that happened sixty or seventy years ago or thereabouts – they’re there in colour – but naming the person you […]

July 2003

A MISCELLANY Sometimes – not very often – these Newsletters are planned, or even plan themselves. The hardest part is what to write on this front page which over the years has turned into a spot where I can air my views on the changing world, usually to its discredit. This time there is no […]

June 2003

ON HEALTH, FITNESS… Bill Brinkley dropped me a filler for the Newsletter, about matters of inevitability, tempus fugity and longevity in general. It appears he was standing on the 16th, when his golfing partner, drawing a deep sigh exclaimed that every three months was a bonus these days. Suspecting that it was something to do […]

May 2003

CURSES! One of these months, this page is going to be blank, simply because I suffer from writer’s block and can think of nothing original with which to fill it. It nearly happened this time, but last Tuesday morning – as I do each week – I was spending a couple of hours on duty […]

Newhaven Fort, East Sussex

Newhaven Fort and the Paradise Gardens in Newhaven East Sussex was destination of our fully booked coach trip on a pleasant sunny day in April. There has been a fort on this site since Roman times. At times allowed to become derelict, only to be renovated whenever danger threatened our southern shores, Newhaven Fort has […]

April 2003

VOTE FOR US! I have thought to start a new political party which I am sure would catch on- The Presbycrats, being formed by and for the Elders of Society. The first person I bounced this off said “I’m not a Presbyterian”, so a new name is needed Why Greek anyway? Our own Anglo-Saxon language […]

Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Kew Bridge Steam Museum was the destination of our first excursion of the year on the 1st of March 2003. This little known museum is on the site of the original pumping station built in 1837 to supply clean water for that part of London. The great steam pumping engines were still in operation right […]