Arundel Corps Christi Festival

On June 10th 2004 we enjoyed a coach trip to Arundel Cathedral to see the festival of flowers. This is an ancient custom whereby the floor of the cathedral is carpeted with flowers, and every nook and cranny contains beautiful floral displays. The custom is very popular in Italy where the streets around cathedrals are […]

June 2004

VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN That was the cynical saying in Northern Ireland when I was a lad at school there before and during WWII, brought about by the enthusiasm of the electorate to ensure that their candidate won the election, be it a local or national hustings. Cynics said it was possible to record more […]

Guide Dogs For The Blind

At our meeting on the first of April 2004 Audrey Butler and her guide dog ‘Goldie’, representing the charity ‘Guide Dogs For The Blind’ attended our meeting. Audrey gave an interesting talk describing the training a dog such as Goldie must go through before being assigned to a blind person. Guide Dogs For The Blind […]

April 2004

THIS CORRESPONDENCE MUST NOW CEASE No, not the Newsletter, or at least not yet. Something much more important, at least for my lifestyle. When just out of my teenages, around 1947, at home during a Friday evening for a change and not out making hay in the hay or the like, I was tuning in […]

March 2004

CARS If there was ever one single invention and development that has changed our world, it has to be the car. Do you recall a recent speaker to our luncheons who showed pictures of London a hundred years ago and later versions of the same scene fifty years ago? The difference in traffic was the […]

Chairams Charity

At our March meeting our outgoing chairman for 2004, Bill Brinkley presented a cheque of £600 to his charity for last year. Bill’s charity was the Disabled Artists Group of the Garwood Foundation. Receiving the cheque from Bill is Philip Aling, a lively twenty year old quadraplegic. Philip displayed his pictures and gave a short […]

February 2004

NOISY NIGHTS Elsewhere in this Newsletter I have discussed the coming changes for Coulsdon, (though I note that no comment was made about the terrible spin-off on Purley traffic), but the total effect should be to reduce noise levels, both day and night. Stress was written into the comments about our continuing to need a […]

January 2004

OUR FUTURE AS A CLUB We are proud of being the second-oldest Probus Club in the world, or, for all we know, the Universe. In a couple of months it will be 36 years since we started and in all that time volunteers have come forward to help fill our various parts. One of the […]

December 2003

LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT When I was a lad, in serious need of finding the best-looking girls in the district, I joined Purley Young Conservatives. Nor was I let down, but that is another story… The political difference between parties in those days, at least to my untutored mind, was absolute. I didn’t know I […]

November 2003

DON’T ARGUE, DEBATE IT! As I have mentioned in these columns before, along with several other Probeans in our Club I am a member of the Coulsdon &: Purley Debating Society. No recent foundation, it started in 1909 when gentlemen returning from Town on the train didn’t have time to finish the discussion before walking […]