February 2005

OH, I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE No, not at Brighton at this (or any other) time of the year; maybe Cornwall or somewhere else craggy and far from the madding crowd. This note has been brought on by an article in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph, making me remember some things that affect just […]

Docklands Museum

A cold, damp misty February day at the start of 2005 found us in London’s dockland surrounded by the cities skyscrapers. Nevertheless the trip, organised by Phil Munsen, was enthralling, and was very worthwhile. We traveled up to London on our Freedom Passes, braving not only British Rail but the underground system. The museum traced […]

December 2005

DAMN SILLY THINGS This time of the year causes me – and I am sure many others – to look back, not just over the past year which in my case I am glad to see the back of, but somehow one is reminded of embarrassing moments, of damn silly things, by reading newspapers or […]

December 2005

NINE’ N’ ELEVEN-THREE I was in Waitrose the other day – if the truth be told, I cannot recall which day and it doesn’t matter, but almost certainly to buy just a couple of items I had forgotten on the previous day’s shopping – and the total came to something like £3.06. I said to […]

November 2004

LIFE’S A GAMBLE Of all the odd thoughts this Government has had, the most unlikely so far has been the idea of altering our laws to allow what appears to be wide-open gambling. There is now, thank heavens, a move either to modify it or drop it altogether, but what on earth made them want […]

October 2004

IS LIFE FAIR, OR WHAT You read in the papers and see on the telly, people complaining about this and that, usually (these days) with a view to being compensated, either with extensive ‘counselling’ or a fat cheque from whomsoever they consider to be responsible for the tragedy they have suffered. The common trend running […]

September 2004

THE BEST INVENTION EVER A specious claim, but I stand by my decision that electricity in the home warrants the description. Here I am, at late in the evening, seeing, typing and wann after a cool day, instead of having to creep upstairs to bed in the dusk which arrives earlier every evening. All because […]

Denies Wine Estate

Nestling in the beautiful Mole Valley on Surrey’s North Downs is Denbies, the largest wine estate in England. It is also the first wine estate in the world to give visitors a unique and fascinating inside into all aspects of the wine producing process. In 2004 alone Denbies wines have won more than twenty national […]

August 2004

WILDLIFE IN COULSDON We have been enabled to watch wildlife on TV recently in various places across the world. Wild it truly is, and often weird both in appearance and habits, but suited to the Australian outback or African jungles. By comparison, Coulsdon and lesser parts of England seem tame, but the wildlife is there, […]

July 2004

IT TAKES ALL SORTS… We’re surrounded by people in our lives, not just folk we know well, but people whose lives touch us to a greater or lesser extent as we go about the business of living our day-to-day existence. That’s not a profound statement – from me? – but something that occurred to me […]