June 2003

ON HEALTH, FITNESS… Bill Brinkley dropped me a filler for the Newsletter, about matters of inevitability, tempus fugity and longevity in general. It appears he was standing on the 16th, when his golfing partner, drawing a deep sigh exclaimed that every three months was a bonus these days. Suspecting that it was something to do […]

May 2003

CURSES! One of these months, this page is going to be blank, simply because I suffer from writer’s block and can think of nothing original with which to fill it. It nearly happened this time, but last Tuesday morning – as I do each week – I was spending a couple of hours on duty […]

April 2003

VOTE FOR US! I have thought to start a new political party which I am sure would catch on- The Presbycrats, being formed by and for the Elders of Society. The first person I bounced this off said “I’m not a Presbyterian”, so a new name is needed Why Greek anyway? Our own Anglo-Saxon language […]

April 2002

AN OCCASIONAL AGONY Annual General Meeting Agenda Minutes of the last AGM & matters arising. Chairman’s report. Treasurer’s report. Election of Officers & Committee for the coming year. Any other business. The Chaining of the New Chairman. Speakers We welcomed members of The Orpheus Trust to our February meeting, when staff members Donna Holland and […]

February 2002

50 YEARS AGO – A GLANCE OVER THE SHOULDER By Anthony Simpson I will begin with a brief autobiographical note to fix my time scale. On the basis of my Higher School Certificate results in 1946 I was offered and I accepted a place at Liverpool University School of Naval Architecture. Shortly before beginning the […]

January 2002

A MILLENNIUM BEGUN Prompted by a reference on Radio 4 to the kind of year we have just survived, I jotted down some headlines from the news we have heard in this, the first year of a new century and millennium. There have been some bright moments of course, mainly personal: we welcomed a new […]