May 2015

Speakers May 7th. Open Meeting: Margaret Watson: Harpist June 4th. Colin Jones: Around the world in 80 gardens July 2nd. Jim Barnes: Vulcan Bomber Augus 5th. Mary Moore: Mongolia Club News Our Chairman Andrew Banfield had the pleasure of inaugurating our latest member, John Morgan, a retired electrician whose hobbies are woodcarving and being a […]

April 2015

The Committee has asked me to design a leaflet to be used for recruitment. It is hoped to be able to hand this out at the Old Coulsdon Fair in July. See foot of page 3 for initial mock-up. Club News In March we welcomed back Martin Bergs (knee operation) and Arthur Trunchion (his wife […]

March 2015

Editorial The Government have just announced the extension of the Pension Bond scheme to May 2015. But is this the best place for your money? Reg Baker suggested this topic, but neither of us is an authorised financial advisor, so here are some outline hints – however, if in doubt, do consult a professional. Pension […]

February 2015

Editorial Yet another special outing (Classical Spectacular) has been organised but is unable to go ahead due to low take-up. Jim Mulvey has worked hard on several arrangements lately which have fallen through due to the difficulty of reaching minimum numbers. This is a matter that the Committee is considering for the future. However, if […]

January 2015

A Happy New Year to everyone. Were you lucky enough to get a new shirt for Christmas? Are you dreading the label unpicking game? It always seems to me ridiculous that the shirt label is made of the roughest material and is placed on the neck to make it sore and irritable. The bizarrely placed […]

December 2014

Editorial – Ian Payne I’m on another diet, that’s the third this year I’m not allowed nice things to eat, not even any beer I have to eat lettuce and yoghurt, but they don’t fill me up I dream of cakes and crisps and chips and hot chocolate in my cup Day in day out […]

November 2014

Editorial – Ian Payne Having considerably cut down the length of my editorial, I’ve now have room for new ideas to enhance our newsletter. In addition to your back page stories, I am interested in receiving smaller pieces on say, 
a) Hobbies (in general or a specific incidence), b) Letters to The Editor on say […]

October Newsletter 2014

Editorial – Ian Payne I bumped into Reg on the Brighton Road. He’d just been to his bank to confirm that he’d suffered an attempted scam. A phone call pretending to be from his bank had informed him that his new credit card would be delivered by courier. Reg was then asked some personal questions […]

September Newsletter 2014

Editorial – Ian Payne A WW1 memorial service was held at the Marlpit Lane Memorial Ground on Sunday 24th August attended by Coulsdon Residents Associations, RAF Cadets, local scouts and others. Wreathes were laid and yours truly was one of many who helped place 121 crosses, each named for a Coulsdon fallen. Next to the […]

August Newsletter 2014

Editorial – Ian Payne Is it time to talk about the weather again? It’s been hot and stormy and we love it. Do take pity on my son who’s in Kuwait for the next two years – it’s 110°F (43°C) there at the moment. I’m short of copy again for the back page. Being summer, […]