2012 May ladies meeting

After the tremendous success of the joint meeting we held in 2011 it was agreed by everyone that we must have a meeting each year when ladies are to be included. This meeting will not overshadow our annual ‘Ladies Luncheon’ which takes place later in the year. It is to be a normal Probus meeting which includes the ladies.

The lunch was excellently organised by Andrew Kellard with circular tables but as Andrew growled, “none of those horrible paper tablecloths” The food and service was up to it’s usual superb standard by Chris and his team.

After lunch we had a speaker, organised by Phil Munson. Sadly, Phil is still recovering from his bad fall and could not join us. The speaker was Jack Devlin who described his life as a magician and how he took up the profession. Jack’s talk was not only interesting and humorous, but was interspersed with magic tricks.

After the speaker we had a normal Probus meeting which will be reported in Ian Scales’s Newsletter next month More pictures in the ‘Photo’ section

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