2011 Ladies Luncheon

October 20th 2011 was the premier lunch of the year. Our annual Ladies Luncheon. The time that we thank the ladies for their support and forbearance throughout the year.

The luncheon was held in the sumptuous and opulent surroundings of the Blenheim Suite of the Coulsdon Manor Hotel. After pre-lunch drinks in the lounge we were invited into the Blenheim Suite, and greeted by our 2011 chairman Andrew Banfield and his lady Jenny Attwell.

The lunch was excellent and up to the usual high standard that we have come to expect from Coulsdon Manor.

After lunch, and the Loyal Toast. Tony Simpson proposed the Toast to the Ladies. Tony’s toast was very entertaining. After complimenting the ladies Tony, very tongue in cheek, read out an article from a 1950’s women’s magazine which advised wives on how to greet their stressed out husbands on their return from his day at work. The advice included, cleaning through, wash and tidy up the children, mother to wash and put on new make up, have his meal on the table, never complain about anything that may upset, arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes, make sure your home is a place of peace, order and tranquillity, and at all times remember that he is master of the house!!!! The background noise in the dinning room was one or two ladies sharpening their knives.

Jenny gave a very gracious response to Tony’s toast.

After Jenny’s response we had a raffle for surprise gifts for the ladies and a few prizes for the men.

After the raffle Andrew gave the toast to the Coulsdon Probus Club. During his toast Andrew outlined the activities of the club and the club’s achievements during his year in office. Andrew thanked his committee for their support, and gave us details of the charity he is supporting, which is Cancer Research.

Check the ‘Photo’ section for many more pictures of the luncheon

For some years now we have held our Ladies Luncheon at Coulsdon Manor. Finding an alternative venue has proved impossible. The quality of the food, the service and the general ambiance of the hotel and dinning suites are fabulous for the price charged. In researching other venues, golf clubs, other hotels etc. we have found that most not only insist that the whole gathering have the same meal, but there is a room charge of hundreds of pounds.

If any member of the club knows of a venue that would be suitable for us, please let us know and the club committee will consider if it is acceptable. Give us details of the venue and costs.

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