April No.2 2021

Club News – Luncheon on 1st July 2021 Please complete attached attendance slip for July and August and email or post it to me (Ian) secretary@coulsdonprobus.co.uk Committee Meeting 15th April 2021 Agreed to refund subscriptions for year starting 01/02/2021. Those who have paid will be individually contacted with the option of donating your sub to the Chairman’s Charity. No decision has been made on the annual subscriptions for following years, but it was noted that: Average age is 82 and there is a limited life to the club without recruitment of younger members We have £5,000 in reserve which could meet the luncheon room hire costs for 5 years Monthly speaker costs (average £75) have been met from lunch charges each month, but as member- ship reduces this will not be possible, so we have agreed that below 15 each month is not viable If room hire costs and speaker costs were entirely met from reserves, […]

April No.1 2021

Club News – Luncheon on 1st July 2021 The Committee have decided to go for a luncheon meeting on 1st July. The meeting will be at Purley Sports Club at noon for 1pm and tables will be set out with social distancing in mind. Details of how to book for lunch will be announced soon. Please put this date in your diary. Proposal by Ian Payne on cancelling Annual Subscriptions Please note that the Committee are divided on this matter. Proposal: That we cancel all future Annual Subscriptions and refund any paid for 2021 (or transfer to the Chairman’s Charity – Member’s choice). That having agreed to pay no further annual subscriptions towards room hire and other expenses, we recognise that the current balances of about £5,000 will last for approximately 5 years or maybe more and that we therefore expect our club to close after that. If agreed, we can abandon Companion membership and all can […]

March No.2 2021

Club News on our 300th edition We hear that Gerry Thompson is in Mayday hospital. Gerry suffered a number of falls which were diagnosed as blood pressure problems. He is now having a pacemaker fitted. You can contact Gerry via the contacts page on this website. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. Committee Meeting 11th March and date for first post-Covid meeting – 7th October 2021 The Committee met by Zoom and decided on a provisional Club meeting date of 7th October. Various ideas for running luncheons without a Luncheon Secretary (any volunteers?) were discussed and will be taken forward. Bob Witham to book provisional speaker. Andrew Banfield with Jenny will organise an outing for 2022. Editorial Hope you are all keeping well and surely looking forward to the glimmer of light on the horizon regarding the possible opening up of social activities. My thanks go to Dennis Evans for submitting […]

March No.1 2021

Club News There is a vacance for Luncheon Secretary. Please consider volunteering. ‘Men of few words’ by Andrew Kellard Seventy years ago seems like a long time and in some ways it is. Let us look at the technology of 1948 in so far as it relates to my career. In that year there were still four masted fully rigged sailing ships sailing from Liverpool! What has this got to do with my career in accounting? Well, the parallel technology in office work was of course only slightly ahead of the canvas and rope manhandled by the Liverpool “hardcases”. In my case the technology I used at my desk had hardly changed from Dickens time, heavily bound ledger books, reams of ruled paper, probably no expensive mechanical hand cranked calculators (those were only for the boss) and a fountain pen as Biros had not come on the scene so there […]