May 2019

Business Meeting 4th April 2019 Reg Baker (membership secretary) reported 26 members in attendance. He further reminded us that it is clearly necessary to increase our numbers if we are to continue to thrive and enjoy the fellowship and activities we tend to take for granted. The Charity collection amounted to £51.80 and the Amenity […]

April 2019

Business Meeting 7th March 2019 Members absences as far as notification was received by our almoner (Andrew Kellard) are as follows: Roger Davis (chest infection) Trevor Peck (hospital appointment) Tony Simpson (unable to attend), Brian Blakeney (may no longer be able to attend), Derek Bass (eyesight problems). Notice of cancellations were received in good time […]

March 2019

Business Meeting 7th February 2019 26 members were present plus our speaker, Jill Pay. Almoner, Andrew Kellard reported the absence of Derek Bass (sight), Lionel Downton (slowly improving), Peter Wilson (mild heart attack), John Morgan (chest infection), Roger Davis (shaky but on his feet). We were please to welcome back Roger Gourd after a bypass […]

February 2019

We are very saddened to hear of the death of Arthur Trunchion on 10th January only a matter of weeks after he lost his beloved June. Arthur had been unwell for some time but had so hoped to return to our monthly lunch. A memorialservice will be held on 24th February at 3.30 p.m. at […]