March 2019

Business Meeting 7th February 2019 26 members were present plus our speaker, Jill Pay. Almoner, Andrew Kellard reported the absence of Derek Bass (sight), Lionel Downton (slowly improving), Peter Wilson (mild heart attack), John Morgan (chest infection), Roger Davis (shaky but on his feet). We were please to welcome back Roger Gourd after a bypass […]

February 2019

We are very saddened to hear of the death of Arthur Trunchion on 10th January only a matter of weeks after he lost his beloved June. Arthur had been unwell for some time but had so hoped to return to our monthly lunch. A memorialservice will be held on 24th February at 3.30 p.m. at […]

January 2019

A very Happy New Year to all our members and their families Business Meeting 6th December 2018 28 members were present at our Christmas meeting plus our speaker, Tony Trent. Unfortunately Malcolm Newman was not able to be with us due to flu but we were very pleased to see Norman Williams (back after cancer […]

December 2018

We are very pleased to welcome to today’s meeting, our special guest, the Reverend Malcolm Newman. We haven’t seen Malcolm for some time while he was caring for his wife, Jeanette, who sadly passed away in August. Business Meeting 1st November 2018 28 members were present at our November meeting plus our speaker, Louise Camby. Since our meeting […]

October 2018

Business Meeting 6th September 2018 Chairman, Ian Payne, welcomed 27 members and our speaker, Glenda Law, to our September meeting with a particular welcome to returning members Roger Davis and Hugh Roberts. Our latest member, Trevor Peck, was inducted with presentation of tie and constitution. Our almoner, Andrew Kellard, reported on the frailty of Tony […]

August 2018

Business Meeting, 5th July 2018 Chairman, Ian Payne, welcomed 31 members, two guests, Trevor Peck and David Charles plus our speaker, Richard Griffin. Arthur Trunchion is still unsteady on his feet. Other absebtees were Hugh Roberts, Eugene Lightbody (blood pressure – legs) and Vincent Fosdike (hospital appointment). We were pleased to welcome back walking wounded Tony Simpson […]

July 2018

Newsletter July 2018 Business Meeting, 7th June 2018 Chairman, Ian Payne, welcomed the 34 members present plus our speaker Colin Jones. The Charity Collection raised £63 and the raffle £33. Sadly, Gillian Roberts has passed away following a fall and a broken ancle– our heartfelt condolences to Hugh. The funeral is on Friday 13th July […]

June 2018

50th Anniversary Edition Coulsdon Probus was founded on 4th April 1968 and held its first meeting in the Red Lion Inn on Brighton Road Business Meeting, 3rd May 2018 Chairman, Ian Payne, welcomed the 28 members present plus our speaker Dr. Linda Makepeace. Last month we heard of the sad loss of Phil Munson –some memories […]

May 2018

Business Meeting, 5th April 2018 Our new Chairman, Ian Payne, wecolmed the 29 members present plus our speaker Laurence Fisher. He was also pleased to announce that following the AGM, Roger Gourd volunteered as Vice Chairman and Andrew Jurenko as auditor. Alan Green has resigned as speaker secretary following progressive Parkinsons, however, Andrew Banfield has […]

March 2018

Club News Shortly before our February meeting, we heard the sad news that Harry Cundell (94) had passed away – a celebration of his life is on the back page. In February Dave Garner was welcomed back. Phil Munson has had a pacemaker fitted and is due home soon. Otherwise, no changes for those temporarily […]